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'Why, sometimes I've imagined as many as six impossible things before breakfast.' 

- Alice  



FRIDAY 29TH: DEEP SQUID: Falmouth Legends... Deep Squid 🦑, The smoothest, tightest Slappa da Base Jazz Funkadelic Band on Planet Earth 🌏 .... Be there

SATURDAY 30TH: Nouveau Breaks: Emma Burnett and Giles Woolley have teamed up to form ‘Nouveaux Breaks’, a live duet.


With Emma’s captivating soul drenched vocals and Giles Woolley’s intricate guitar work using a loop station, the pair create a creative set of classic covers, twists on contemporary hits and a healthy dose of talent. See you at the bar!


SUNDAY 1ST: Sunday Sessions with TJ TED TORQUEZ: We’re due for another Jam. Sunday sessions is back for another round this Sunday.��And this time there’s a new spin on it. The theme is WATER… interpret that however you like: rain, waves, waterfalls (just don’t go chasing em ;) As ever, bring whatever records or files you want to play, but also hunt down a few tracks on theme and we’ll record a set of music with a conceptual thread running through it.��Usual program otherwise, 4 till late at the chintz. Bring your friends/family/activities/food. This month Meri Owen has gifted us a beauty of a beast with her illustration. An octopus with it’s eye on the groove.��Much love, hope to see many of you all there.��P.S. The usual specials will be running and Bloody Mary’s will be a fiver��Sunday Sessions is every second Sunday of the month from 4 till late at the Chintz Symposium in Falmouth.


Bring your music and feed the vibe.


Sessions Specials :

£10 Carafe Wine

£1.50 Chintz Shooter

£4 House Doubles + mixer

£5 Bloody Mary

FRIDAY 6TH: Smokey's King Shufflers: Hard Hitting Chicago blues is coming to Falmouth with Smokey's King Shufflers expect an epic night bouncing to that timeless groove...

SATURDAY 7TH: La Fayette: La Fayette are a French infused Jazz & Funk Band... Its sexy and groovy, so get those dancing soes on and geddon down.

THURSDAY 12TH: Santi Pacheco: 

Pacheco is an experienced Argentinean

musician and composer who combines the musical flair of his native land with the rhythms and forms of South America and all the world. Tracing his musical nativity to the "jazz

porteño" of Buenos Aires, he has gone on to encompass bossanova, bolero, candombe, samba, waltz, Argentina's folkloric chacarera, and tango, along with tango's fast-paced cousin, the milonga. His eagerness to get to know and to interpret new musical forms lead him to investigate the music of the different regions and to find the diversity of rhythms and harmonies as his field of permanent exploration.


In his long musical carrier he accompanied such world renown artists. He creates from the profound knowledge and understanding of the folkloric music submerged in jazz and rock, and his compositions represent many stiles with the same Latino American essence, succeeding to incorporate

SATURDAY 21ST: Dew Barf: 

X Factor Backlash Consequence . Real musicians play real music. No fake emotions. No breathy vocal gymnastics. What you see ain't necessarily what you hear. Basically they are mental in the best possible way. Old school musicians with more talent in one toe then there is plastic in the whole of the Kardashian family put together. So that's a lot of talent! Be there.




TUESDAY 31ST: New Years Eve: NYE Bish Bosh Bash: 

Wow what a year this has been, we've had 2 useless prime ministers, another failed brexit attempt and the world is on fire. It's really not been the best but fear not! A new year is on it's way. A fresh chance, a new beginning and what better way to start it then with a MASSIVE hangover.


So get yourselves to the bar which will be open until 3am and this year it is SCI-FI THEMED! We have music all night from Thomas Ford and The Soulhole plus a brexit pinata and bubbles at midnight!


There will be dancing, drinking and lots of merriment PLUS the best dressed get a bottle of bubbly!